Gear Head Penetrant & Lubricant

Gear Head Natural lubricating and penetrating agent

Soy methyl ester

A safe, multipurpose lubricant that has thousands of industrial, home, farm and marine applications. Laboratory Research clearly shows that Gear Head has more lubricity than traditional petroleum-based products!

Gear Head’s high polarity creates a much stronger bond to metal, allowing full lubrication and deeper penetration petroleum products can’t achieve. Gear Head’s non polar end creates an unmatched water barrier, making it the absolute best technology for preventing the damaging results of rust and corrosion. Choose the natural alternative.

Popular applications:

Bike & chain

Gear Head preserves the integrity of all chains and assemblies as well as keeps lubricant off of other parts where it isn’t wanted with Max water repellent to extend life of and protect all parts.


Gear Head was originally developed for lube and penetrant use in agriculture machinery applications to solve lubricant drip issues, environmental impact, and debris build-up associated with other high viscosity lubricants.


Gear Head creates a vital barrier between the water and your vessel’s crucial mechanisms. Utilizing soy methyl ester technology, Gear Head
makes quick work of locked up parts and corrosion removal that other products can’t handle.

Gun oil

Gear Head’s soy methyl ester technology goes beyond typical petroleum-based gun lubricants, offering a feature rich maintenance system that includes deepest penetration and lowest viscosity, providing full protection for
the intricate machinery of your firearms.


Gear Head brochure

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Gear Head brochure

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